Homo Novus 2015


In Love with a Sea Troll

Vladas Suncovas
10 September 19.00, RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O, Ūdens st. 6 | Free entrance

The currently developing play is loosely based on the 16th century monumental book A Description of the Northern Peoples by a Swedish writer Olaus Magnus. It is a journey through the customs and folklore of Nordic countries playfully interlinked with Vladas Suncovas’ research into socialists utopias, avant-garde architecture and his own personal experiences in Scandinavia.
The play brings the audience to the souvenir kiosk filled with colorful plastic stories about Norwegian trolls, oil rigs, rib-caged houses, mysterious mountains, dancing Lithuanian bears and many more. Gradually our role of curious tourists in a cruise ship is transformed into a tightly packed goods stuck in the parameters of a shipping container.

Work-in-progress stage reading organised in collaboration with the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre’s Contemporary Dramaturgy Festival and creative platform for devising new dramaturgy Versmė.

About the artist

Based in Vilnius and Copenhagen, Vladas Suncovas is an interdisciplinary artist working in the fields of visual and performative arts, architecture and creative engineering. He graduated from the school of Walls and Space at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. In the last five years he has organized and took part in a number of exhibitions, lectures and readings across Europe. 2014-2017 he was lecturing at the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts leading the course of context based art in public practice. Since 2018 he is curating off-programme of the International Theatre Festival Sirenos in Lithuania. He have created scenography for a number of plays at various Lithuanian theatres including puppetry companies.


Author: Vladas Suncovas
Performers: Miglė Polikevičiūtė, Laurynas Jurgelis, Vladas Suncovas
Production: Agnė Pulokaitė, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre
The play is developed with the mentorship of a Polish-French theatre director Anna Smolar in collaboration with Nowy Teatr, Poland




RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O
New Baltic Dramaturgy Programme

Free entrance


In English with Latvian synopsis


60 min

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