Homo Novus 2015



Eero Epner, Mart Kangro, Juhan Ulfsak
9, 10 September 20.00, RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O, Ūdens st. 6 | Sold out

A brilliant trio of Estonian artists return to Riga to talk about learning.
How to hammer nails into wood? How to learn to speak? How to open a door? How to show empathy?
How to correctly pull on a sock and get rid of all the suffering caused by guilt?
Learning is something that begins as an embryo and continues for decades until our molecules dissolve into non-existence. We are not born human; we learn to become so. We learn how to turn our obscure biological construct of cells into a human being. Pouring the foundation. Expressing love. Breathing correctly while giving birth and maintaining our dignity while dying.
Three middle-aged men self-consciously and ironically invite us to this work – “Come in, we know all about it…”

About the artist

Mart Kangro is a freelance choreographer, director and dancer. In his works, he focuses on the meaningfulness of the human body and movement in theatre as semiotic space-time, and on existential issues of stage situation. His productions have been performed at major festivals in more than 20 countries across Europe. In recent years, he has worked as a director for productions in Theatre NO99 and Von Krahl Theatre. Kangro has won many awards and other recognition for his work, both in and outside Estonia.

Juhan Ulfsak is an actor and director. Since the 1990s, his energetic performing style and artistic principles have largely defined the Estonian avant-garde theatre. Working in Von Krahl Theatre as an actor and director, Ulfsak has proceeded from anarchism, punk, decadence, surrealism and conceptualism, but his productions have also re-contextualized classic plays. Ulfsak is also a well-regarded film actor who has appeared in Estonian and Finnish films. He has won many awards and other recognition for his work, both in and outside Estonia.

Eero Epner has been a dramatist with Theatre NO99 since the theatre was founded in 2005 and has been involved in around 60 productions. He has worked with several dozen directors. On stage, Epner has appeared as an actor only once, which passed without greater acclaim.


Authors and performers: Mart Kangro, Juhan Ulfsak, Eero Epner
Producer: Maria Arusoo
Sound design: Artjom Astrov
Light design: Oliver Kulpsoo
Co-producer: Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Premiere in 2018

9, 10



RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O
New Baltic Dramaturgy Programme

Sold out


In English

Run time

1h 30min

* Reduced price for students, seniors, people with disabilities

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