Homo Novus 2015



Urban Heat

Urban Heat is a project developed by the Festivals in Transition (FIT) network of 12 international festival partners and supported by EU programme Creative Europe, which enables artists to engage with the invisible communities within cities. The four year project supports artists to reconnect with the world outside the arts by addressing urgent political and social issues, and by working with audiences and communities affected by those issues. Latvia is represented in the project by theatre and film director Krista Burāne. This year’s edition of Homo Novus offers new work Nocturne by Krista Burāne, Andy Field and their collaborators as part of Urban Heat activities.


Homo Novus 2013
[DNA] Departures and Arrivals

[DNA] Departures and Arrivals is a collaboration between 13 European institutions active in the field of contemporary dance. The project is initiated by PARTS, the school for contemporary dance based in Brussels. Through training, presenting and production activities [DNA] encourages the presence of young contemporary dance artists in the European dance scene and helps to sustain their careers. Latvian artists involved in the project are Kristīne Brīniņa and Krišjānis Sants. [DNA] Departures and Arrivals is co-financed by EU programme Creative Europe.


Homo Novus 2013
Imagine 2020(2.0)

Imagine 2020 started as a network of 11 European performing arts organizations in 2010 focusing on the climate change issues, social and ecological crisis and its reflection in the arts. Until 2019 we continue with the new Imagine 2020(2.0) network trying to imagine the future and creating alternative models of sustainable living in collaboration with artists and audiences across Europe. The project is supported by EU programme “Culture”. Imagine 2020 activities in this year’s Homo Novus edition: new operas Unknown unknown by Oliver C Leith and Viesturs Meikšāns and Tree opera by Anna Ķirse and Andris Kalnozols, as well as What nature says by Myriam van Imschoot.


Homo Novus 2013
Magic Carpets

From 2017 till 2021 the New Theatre Institute of Latvia together with 12 other organisations from Vilnius, Berlin, Folkestone, Rome, Prague, Bucharest, Limerick, Tbilisi, Porto, Zagreb, Novi Sad and Innsbruck is a partner in a new EU platform Magic Carpets supported by Creative Europe. The goal of Magic Carpets is to foster the development and mobility of emerging artists by providing residency opportunities. The emerging artists in residencies have the chance to collaborate with local communities and sites and to work in the field of socially engaged art creating new multi-discipline artworks. This year’s festival features new work by Latvian artists Kate Krolle and Māra Gaņģe, British sound artist Jon Law and Italian visual artist Gian Maria Tosatti as part of Magic Carpets activities.


Homo Novus 2013